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The Derby Homeless

Storys of homeless people

The population in Derby is around 230,000 in which around 150+ are rough sleepers. Althrogh there is a night shelter there are only 14 beds, where are a first-come-first-serve. If people dont get in they have to try and find some where shelterd to get some rest.

Although there are other hostels around the Derby area it's still hard to get in as you have to keep on going to 1 hostel to an other. When there are free rooms in hostels they are already taken by other people whom are not homeless.

Every year in Derby there are around 10-20 homeless people dieing due to living on the streets. 


Every year in Derby more and more people are becoming homeless because they have problems at home, even because they cant get benfits or even waiting to hear of Derby housing but dont have enough points. 


Do something amazing, help the homeless.

Padley Day Centre


Info on Night Shelter


Do you know some one who is homeless and want to help them find some where to live? Or are you homeless yourself and looking for local hostels. Ten click a link above for more info.


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